RMT Is The Abbreviated Form Of Road Trainers Messengers

Company Description. Sue Hollywood, RMT is situated in Grapevine, Texas. This company mainly operates in the Massage Therapy/ Bodywork industry within the Personal Services Industry. This company has only been operating for about 2 years.

The business began as a sole proprietor and was promoted by John Foxe. Since then they have gone through several expansions and mergers. The company is now run as a corporation with several divisions including the following: Haul Express, Road Runners, and The Grapevine Motel. All of these divisions have different focus and are not connected or related to each other.

The Grapevine Motel is where the company’s employees, TX drivers, and guest mingle and do their business. This is also where one can find massage therapy, haircut, manicure, pedicures, and any other services that an individual might need. This hotel is located on RMT’s headquarters grounds and is open to all the residents of Grapevine.

Training and Franchise Opportunities. The people running the company are always looking for new employees to join their ranks. To qualify for this type of job you will have to go through a background and drug screening process and also pass the company’s written exam.Once you Texas are accepted into the franchise you will also need to undergo several hours of training provided by the franchiser.One Grapevine of the best perks of being 76051 a franchisee is the opportunity to attend seminars and conferences pertaining to the business.

There are no guarantees that you will be hired as a RMT driver once you sign the agreement of a franchise contract.


the majority of the drivers have their own cars they work for the company that provides them with a vehicle. Once you have proven yourself to the company and have been working for a while they will give you a notice of assignment to drive for them.You then choose the kind of vehicle 110 S. Barton St. you want to use for your shift.

The pay rate for a RMT driver is usually above $27 an hour.Their benefits 817-233-6582 also include medical insurance and dental insurance. They also receive paid time off, vacation time and paid holidays. The company is based in California and New York and they ship across the country on the back of a truck. The company’s main focus is to provide safe and reliable transportation to their clients. There is no physical limitations as long as you are over the age of 18

RMT Is The Abbreviated Form Of Road Trainers Messengers
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