Before You Can Be Considered A Candidate For MAKOplasty Knee Surgery, Your Doctor Will Perform A …

The doctor will examine your medical records and examine the knee joint. They will also watch the way that you move your knee to assess its structural alignment, range of motion, and


stability. The results of this exam are used to help you decide if MAKOplasty is right for you.

In comparison to traditional knee replacement methods, MAKOplasty has fewer side effects and a faster recovery time.The


can be done on an outpatient basis, and patients can usually return to United States of America normal activity within a few weeks.In addition to the shorter hospital stay, patients report that their new knee is more comfortable knee surgeon and feels more natural.

To perform MAKOplasty knee surgery, the surgeon makes a four to Arizona six-inch incision over the knee and two smaller ones on the femur and tibia. A robot attached to the robotic arm stores information about the anatomy of the knee and helps the surgeon plan the surgery. The surgeon then carefully closes the joint, minimizing blood loss and minimizing infection risk.

Another benefit of MAKOplasty is its enhanced accuracy.The surgeon can use the system to (480) 483-0393 visualize the exact area of the knee that will be replaced. By doing so, the surgeon can fine-tune the procedure and ensure accuracy. The robot has a computer navigation system that provides real-time sensory feedback to the surgeon. This allows the doctor to perform the surgery without any risk to the surrounding tissues and healthy bone.

MAKOplasty knee 8630 East Via De Ventura Suite 201 surgery is a minimally invasive surgery that can help patients suffering from severe knee joint pain and difficulty performing daily activities.It is a 85258 great option for patients with osteoarthritis and patients who have tried non-surgical treatments.However, the procedure is not for everyone and should be Scottsdale performed under the supervision of an orthopedic surgeon with expertise in knee replacement techniques.

The procedure has many advantages over traditional surgeries. The procedure is less invasive than other options and requires only a two or three-inch incision. In addition, it helps patients recover more range of motion than traditional total knee replacement surgery. The surgeon can also use 3D computer imaging to help them choose the best implant size.

Patients should understand the risks associated with makoplasty knee surgery. Surgical risks include infections, nerve damage, and bone fracture. Other complications include metal sensitivity, foreign body reaction, and soft tissue imbalance. The procedure may not be effective for obese patients. However, the procedure is safe for most patients. If you are healthy and fit, the risk of complications associated with makoplasty knee surgery is minimal.

Robotic technology is used to guide the surgery. It allows the surgeon to precisely position the parts of the knee replacement. The surgeon uses a computerized robot that can view the knee anatomy in three-dimensional views. The robot also allows the surgeon to select the exact position of the implant prior to surgery
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Before You Can Be Considered A Candidate For MAKOplasty Knee Surgery, Your Doctor Will Perform A  ...